HydraLions is a new and unique NFT series consisting of a Japanese inspired art style. Our first limited-time collection is called, One Headed HydraLions. This collection consists of over 202 unique trait possibilities including, 55 Backgrounds, 11 Eye Traits, 13 Face Colors, 28 Hair Traits, 7 Hats, 22 Legendary Traits, 16 Rare Traits, 31 Epic Traits, 19 Uncommon Traits and a few other legendary specific traits added for super rarity.

1000 Lions –  350 Common  250 Uncommon  200 Rare  120 Epic   80 Legendary

HydraLions is a series of unique artwork NFT collections

There will only be 1000 lions produced in this collection. And just 20 of those will being at the highest-level of rarity. Each lion will be broken down into five classes with three subclasses of rarity. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary – Subclasses consisting of: First Level Rarity, Second Level Rarity, Third Level Rarity. Pricing will reflect class level and rarity level as it scales (Third Level Legendary being the highest costing and most rare class).

Each artwork is unique and randomly generated with literally, hundreds of thousands of unique possibilities and combinations. After this first collection we will be working on our multiple headed HydraLion collections.